Why you need to carry regular checks for fire extinguishers

All fire extinguishers need to be put through periodic testing for efficiency. In case there is a fire you should be assured that the fire extinguisher can be put to use. An extinguisher is inspected in all of the following ways.

Visual inspection of fire extinguishers

The first thing which should be done is to visually inspect a fire extinguisher. These checks should be carried out at least a month after the extinguisher is installed at home or at offices. It should be ensured that all the extinguishers are paced in the designation position. It should be seen to that these are easier to get hold of in ace of an emergency.

It should be observed that the pressure gauge is in the normal range. However this is also not a guarantee that the extinguisher would work properly when required. It should be observed that the seal isn’t broken. If the team fins a broken seal yet the gauge show normal it simply means that someone has used the contents in a minute amount and that’s why it has no reading on the pressure gauge.

The team would make sure that

  • All fire extinguishers are placed in their proper or designated places
  • These should be easily accessible. Meaning there shouldn’t be any obstruction in their placement. The height should be such that it is easier to reach for.
  • The safety seals should not be broken or missing.
  • The extinguishers are also checked for signs of physical damage, corrosion and leakage through the nozzle.
  • The operating instructions should be clearly visible
  • The extinguishers should be full, this can be found out by lifting the extinguisher.

There are instances when a fire extinguisher would be needed to inspected on a more regular basis. For instance in areas where there are instances of theft and vandalism, extinguishers should be tested more often. In case the professional finds that there are some problems with the extinguisher, it should be immediately rectified. A complete maintenance procedure is normally observed, in case there is a fault with the extinguisher, it should be replaced with a new one which meets all the safety standards.

While visual inspection can be carried out on a monthly basis. There are yearly maintenances as well. These are more detailed and also consist of a series of tests which determine whether the extinguisher is in proper working condition or not.

Hydrostatic testing for maintenance

The most common test known as the hydrostatic testing is carried out to ensure the viability of the fire extinguisher. The cylinders are checked for unwanted failure or rupture of the cylinder. These checks should be carried out during the suggested time frame, which is normally five to six years for all kinds of cylinders.

On the other hand annual maintenance is also an important part of fire extinguisher testing in Brisbane. All these are recorded on a tag and a label which is attached to the extinguisher.