Novella Boot Camp: 5 Ways to Write a Kick-Ass Novella

Each one of us has a story hidden away inside of ourselves. With the advent of novella writing and online fiction, people like you and me have managed to find an outlet in which to express themselves. However, how can you properly express yourself, not only so you can write a story, but so you can write a story properly?

Consider these tips and find out whether that idea has a chance to be turned into a story.


It’s an essential process of any creative endeavor. Do you have a story or a picture you want to turn into literature? You can create a world or character if you’ve got a pen and paper by your side, a quiet place, and ways to relax yourself so you’ll be able to write your ideas clearly.

Create tension, no matter how impossible.

Some of the greatest ideas come from near-impossible things. Mostly, you’re going to be writing fiction and not fact; the area for imagination is limitless in fiction. Don’t be afraid to think up impossible things to create a good plot or create uniqueness in your story.

Create a clear picture.

Novellas are notorious for their being straightforward. It’s a lot easier, then, to create stories where characters are simply aggressive or notoriously passive and aggressive at the last moment. That, perhaps, could be where you can get your tension or conflict.

Create a world that’s vivid.

Novellas are also breeding grounds for painting a clear picture so vivid you won’t mistake it for anything else. With its fast-paced creation, the avenue for creating a story with heart-pumping action and everything else in between is open.

Tie it all up.

Once you’ve had everything written down, and your ideas are clear, it’s time to put them together. What comes out is possibly a story that you’ll either love or hate.

There you have it—the story that’s been struggling to get out of you. You have to have a clear idea and a story to turn into a novella first. If you’ve got that, everything else just follows.