Young applicant in bright office giving thumb up after obtaining the job

Top Job Interview Tips For New Interviewees

Your CV has navigated all the way through to the company’s recruitment department, and now you have an interview with the human resources management team. This may seem to be a simple procedure for people with experience, but for a new interviewee it can be highly stressful. Of course, there are certain techniques that can be followed to help improve your chances of interview success. By following the top job interview tips below, you can increase the chance of a good first impression and improve the likelihood of being offered the position.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice!

The first step to winning at least a second interview is to practice your selling skills. It is highly recommended that you enter the interview prepared to answer common questions such as why they should hire you and where you see yourself in five years. A new interviewee may feel confused and the answer will be garbled, but after several practice sessions the response will be clearer and more confident.

To practice an interview, you can interview yourself in a mirror or ask a family member or friend to be an interviewer substitute. By having a substitute, you will be able to ask the person for feedback on your performance and make suitable adjustments before the official interview. Practice, practice, practice!

2. Scoring A Success In The First Two Minutes

It is rare for a job interview to last longer than five minutes. In fact, clinical studies have shown that interviewers often make their decisions based on the first five minutes of the interview. The following time, they will search for aspects to confirm the decision including body language or a lack of skills – be sure you make a good impression within this period. Ideally, you should enter with enthusiasm and express your appreciation for their time. You should also begin with a positive comment regarding the company and state how excited you are by the prospect of being able to contribute.

3. Be Prepared For Inappropriate And Illegal Questions

While there is a certain unwritten decorum in all job interviews, some interviewers will ask inappropriate or illegal questions such as your gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation and marital status. If you do receive some of these questions, you do have several options of how to respond. You can state how you are unsure of the question’s relevancy to your application, or you can attempt to answer a “question behind a question”. For example, if the interviewer asks whether you are interested in starting a family you could respond that you are uncertain of whether you will have children in the near future, but are committed to your career and do not imagine giving it up.

4. Closing On A Positive Note

When a salesman approaches your home and demonstrates a product, then thanks you for your time and leaves – what did he do wrong? He did not ask you to purchase the item. If you reach the end of a job interview and think you would like the position, and then ask for the job. This may seem blunt, but it can be positive and will leave a good impression on the interviewer.

As can be seen, there are many different points to consider when attending job interviews. The information above can help beginner interviewees during these situations.