The causes of white smoke from the engine

Most of the time, when your car is experiencing some significant problems, it is very easy for you to note the problem. This is because the car is just like the human body that has different parts responsible for various functions, and when one component fails, the body shows some signs and symptoms. The same case happens to the car. When one of the car’s parts is failing or has failed, some certain signs and symptoms show that the vehicle has a problem. One of these signs and symptoms is the production of the white smoke from the engine. The white smoke from the engine is a signal that there is a problem with the car. However, there are so many things that cause the white smoke to be produced by the engine, but the issues can be fixed. The following are some of the causes of the white smoke from the engine:


Leaking or no coolants

One of the causes of the white smoke that you see been blown from your engine is leaking coolant. As you dry your car, the coolant in the car’s engine becomes hot due to the heat produced in the engine. With time, the heated up coolant begins to leak in the form of white smoke. The white smoke will be produced at the engine, and hence, you will be able to see the smoke.

The other reason why your car may be producing white smoke from the engine is when your vehicle does not have a coolant. The coolant of the car finishes with time, and hence, you will need to add more. For this reason, anytime that you are traveling for long or short distances, you should ensure that you check whether the car has coolant or whether it needs more coolant. This will prevent the white smoke from being produced from the car’s engine.

Serpentine belt failure

One of the parts of the car that you should always ensure that it is in the right condition before you drive your vehicle is the serpentine belt. The proper condition here means that the serpentine belt of your car should always be tightened as required. In case the serpentine belt has failed or is failing, the engine of your vehicle will produce white smoke. The other thing that you will notice as the white smoke is being produced is that there will be a smell that is similar to the smell of rubber, which is burning.

Having poor valve cover

The oil in the engine is always held tight by several valves. For this reason, the valves must always be sealed to ensure that the oil does not leak at any cost. However, in case you have a valve cover that is not in the right condition, the oil in the engine will begin to leak. Once the leaking oil begins to burn, there will be a production of white smoke that will be produced from the engine. The white smoke also has an overpowering smell that will fill the surrounding.

Excessive heating up of coolants

The other thing that causes the white smoke coming from the engine is when the coolant in the engine is overheating. This will mainly happen due to the high temperatures ion your car pushing the coolant from the coolant system. When the cold coolant is pushed out, it comes into contact with other hot parts of the vehicle, thereby producing the white smoke.


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