How Sound Attenuators can reduce the noise level

Ever noticed the pretty noisy sound produced by your HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems? The noise level brought on by the HVAC systems can keep you awake or distract conversation.

The noisier types of air conditioners can produce less noise when they are installed properly. Additionally, the distracting noise can be silenced by using sound attenuators.

Why are HVAC Systems noisy?

Even a new HVAC can be noisy which is caused by several factors. The noise is caused by the system’s vibration as the air travel through the ducts. The moving fins of the fans also contribute to the noise level.

Noise is produced with the dropped pressure brought on by changes in the air. The vibration brought on by loose nuts and bolts can be another culprit behind the annoying loud noises coming from the HVAC system.

Sound Attenuators for the HVAC Systems

The HVAC systems can become silent using two major types of sound attenuators, to include:

Rectangular Attenuators

The dissipative silencers in rectangular attenuators cover the HVAC system. Once fitted, the acoustic energy of the attenuator is delivered to connect with the built-in sound-absorbing mechanism.

Made of galvanised steel sheets, the rectangular-shaped attenuator is the most popular type.

Cylindrical or round attenuator

The noise inside the HVAC system is silenced when the round attenuator is attached to the ducts. This type of attenuator is double-walled with a cone-shaped tail and a spinning head.

The sound-absorbing insulation located in the interior wall minimises the noise level.

Exhaust ducts or supply ducts in the HVAC system are the usual spots used to install the sound attenuators. Their size variations make them ideal to use for all kinds of air-conditioning systems.

The choice of attenuators does not matter for the principle of reducing noise in the HVAC systems is with all of them, regardless of size, shape, and model. Other than lowering the noise decibel, the pressure changes caused by the attenuators also contributes to better airflow from the HVAC systems.

How Sound Attenuators help to Reduce HVAC Noise Levels

Installing the sound attenuators built by Aletek in the HVAC system rather than isolating them is the main thing that makes them work effectively. It is highly recommended to install them together with the HVAC system to maximise their performance.

The sound is kept down with the sound-absorbing insulation provided by the sound attenuators. The noise is reduced with the acoustic energy that contains millions of air pockets are absorbed by the acoustic insulation properties of sound attenuators.

The thickness of the insulation varies with every type of sound attenuator. Choosing the right thickness depends on the sound frequency produced by the HVAC system.

The pressure inside the HVAC system is affected when the length of the attenuator is increased. Sound attenuation is further enhanced with a longer length.

As is the case with all things, regular maintenance holds the key to keep the HVAC system function at its best. A well-maintained HVAC also produces less noise compared to a neglected system.

Having a sound attenuator means not having to put up with the annoying noise produced by your HVAC system. Yet, it must be noted that the noise produced by your HVAC system can be caused by several factors.