So, You Want to become a Writer: 4 Novella Writing Essentials

Writing is especially difficult if you’re not well-read or have a well-spring of ideas and experiences to pull from. If you want to become a writer, you’re going to have to extend your content to well beyond 100k words, or a shade below. If you want to write a novella, however, that’s a unique thing.

Writing from the Heart

Novellas give a storyteller more space for clear, concise content and less for an epic. If your story idea is short and sweet, then read on:

Plot, POV, and Idea

The plot and POV of a novella usually affords a single story being told. With a single idea, as well, the plot has to be simple and straight to the point; POVs are almost usually told from the storyteller’s perspective; and the idea of the story doesn’t allow for a series of stories.

A single tone of voice or style

With just a single point of reference or origin, novellas are easy to write because you don’t have to shift speeds, so to speak; it only uses one tonal modality and sticks to it. The same goes for style. Rarely does a novella support different styles, at the most, it can support two but that’s rare.

A marathon to the end

There’s a reason why novellas are popular with people—a lot of people rarely have time to read long-winded stories. What they crave for are fast-paced books that they can read on the ride home. With the pace and conflict of a novella, they will be done reading by the time they step on the doorstep home.

A united idea

With the idea, plot, and pace being what they are, a novella has to be united from start to finish. That what makes it a fast read—especially if everything in the novella is well-tied up.

Infographic by Now Novel

A Good Start

If you’re a budding writer, you can do novellas for a start. With the structure being what they are, you’ll get a good practice in crafting a story that’s cohesive and entertaining to read. It can also be an avenue for you to write stories that are what you truly want to tell.