Antifouling Gold Coast Tips

Whenever you buy a boat, you have to know that several responsibilities come with your new boat. Maintenance of the boat is the primary responsibility that you should know at that time. This is because you have to ensure that your boat looks great and that its value does not depreciate with time. There are so many maintenance practices that boat owners should learn when they are buying their boats.

Antifouling is one of the boat maintenance practices that you should always remember since it has a significant impact on your boat. However, most of the boat owners are always doing it the wrong way, and this is why they do not live to enjoy the benefits of antifouling. Therefore, in case you will be antifouling your boat on the Gold Coast, you should make sure of the following antifouling tips.

Always clean the boat before antifouling

Preparing the boat is very important for you when you want to antifoul your boat in the Gold Coast. Antifoul is very precious to you as a boat owner. Therefore, you have to make sure that you clean your boat before the antifoul touches the boat’s underside. Since you have been using the boat for some time, be sure that it will be dirty and also it will contain some grime and grease. Therefore, if you decide to antifoul a boat without cleaning it, you will be applying another layer on top of the dirt, dust, grease, and grime. Therefore, the antifoul will not be of any help to your boat. To avoid this, you have to make sure that you clean the boat before you begin to appoint antifoul. Also, the boat must be dry for you to begin antifouling.

Sand down the boat after cleaning

When your boat is clean and has dried, you have to ensure that you have moved it into sanding down. This is to ensure that you have removed any specks of old paint. The old paints make the antifouled surface of the boat look uneven. Therefore, to ensure that you have a smooth surface after antifouling your boat, you have to ensure that you sand down the boat. When you pay attention to this tip, you will have the most refined look of your boat after antifouling. However, when you ignore it, you will not love the look your boat has. It will appear like you have not done anything due to the flakes of the old paints.

Mask the waterline with a tape

When you are antifouling in Gold Coast, there is a line that you need to follow throughout the process. For this to be achievable, you have to ensure that you mask the waterline with masking tape. When you have the masked waterline, you will be able to follow the straight line when you are antifouling the boat.

Never antifoul less than two coats

Antifoul paint can be expensive for most of the boat owners on the Gold coast. However, this does not mean that you should not apply the required costs of the antifoul when you are antifouling the boat. Therefore, you have to ensure that you read the instructions on the paint that you have purchased so that you can know the minimum immersion and overcoating. However, it should not be less than two coats.

Always add a protective coat of paint

After you are done antifouling, you have to ensure that you protect the antifoul paint that you have applied. This is why you have to ensure that you apply a protective layer on the waterline, keel, and rudder. This also makes the antifoul durable.