About Hologram

An Express Media initiative, Hologram has published two (2)novella-length books, one by writer Holly Childs .You should be familiar with the novella ‘No Limit’, which has been rated four-and-a-half (4 ½) stars on Goodreads.com based on 73 ratings as well as 15 reviews.

This is in line with Hologram’s aim of getting the works of young writers out and about in the general public. The website provides an avenue for up-and-coming writers to present their work—these need not be full-length manuscripts. Rather, it’s providing a place for writers with a unique kind of writing style—not too long, not too short, but just right.

Hologram encourages writers to keep on writing what they want about a variety of subjects, whether it’s too simple to be a book or too complex to be a short description.

Hologram has been an initiative backed by the Australia Council for the Arts’ Early Career Residencies Program, enabling authors to be truly themselves in the works that they publish through the website. These books has been edited and published by Johannes Jakob as well as supported by a wide range of mentors and Express Media. The aforementioned Jakob, for his part, was a former editor of Voiceworks and The Victorian Writer.